Surreal iT



We provide a wide spectrum of services such as

- Pastel Accounting sales and support

- Bookkeeping

- Customisations

- Report writing

- Hardware implementation.

From here we offer an ongoing support and partnership in assisting your business to stay at the top of its industry.

Our Background

We have positioned ourselves as an expert service provider to clients on a wide range of Accounting Software; we also advise on and install computer hardware, servers, network hardware, and peripherals to the needs of the clients' business.


About Us

SURREALIT prides itself in combining a team of highly skilled personnel that transforms ideas into solutions to achieve an overlying reputation in our pursuit of excellence. Our team strives to provide business management solutions for small to medium sized enterprises.

The solutions we offer will help businesses achieve increased profitability, reduced operating costs, improved productivity and most importantly efficiency. Our main focus is on the accounting market.  Before developing a solution that best suites our client's needs, we begin by first defining their unique requirements.  

We at SURREALIT also develop add-on modules and specialised reporting that integrates with Pastel financial systems. These modules and reports cater for industry specific requirements giving businesses the freedom to grow as your business expands and begins to demand more sophisticated features and functionality.

We offer our clients on site consultation such as Pastel support and other hardware and software services. Our team also specialises in networking installations and support.

Our Services

  • Pastel Accounting Sales and Support

  • Business Inteligence Report Writing (BIC)

  • 3rd party Applications\Integration into Pastel Accounting

  • Report Writing

  • Bookkeeping

  • Hardware sales and Maintainence

  • Backups (Onsite and Offsite Backups)



Contact Details:


Tel: 0861 111 514

Fax: 0866 197 459